Tuesday, 26 July 2016

20th Birthday!

My birthday was last week on the 19th July, and I turned 20! *crying face* I am sad about no longer being a teenager, but I'm sure being in your 20's is cool, I just feel so old now!

My boyfriend stayed round my house on the night before my birthday, then when we woke up on my birthday and me, my boyfriend and my mum went for brunch in a nice little local cafe

Then we came home and relaxed in the sun, we put up a swimming pool outside my house and we sat in that for a while to cool down because it was sooo hot!!

My grandma then came round and I opened some presents from my family and blew out the candles on my cake ♥

I got some lovely presents from my family :)

Then we had a bbq, we thought we should make the most of the hot weather and a bbq is always a good choice when its hot

Then for the rest of the day it was just very chilled and relaxed!

On the sunday just gone we decided to go to brighton for the day to celebrate my birthday more, it was me, my mum, my boyfriend and my brother. We drove there in the morning and spent the day relazing in the sun, going on some rides, chilling on the beach, and drinking the tastiest milkshake ever!! It was alot of fun, and I vlogged it if you would like to have a watch of that :)

I had a lovely birthday spending time with my family, and I am hoping being 20 will be alot of fun :)

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx