Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Pumpkin carving!

One of the things that I absolutely love about Halloween is being able to carve pumpkins!
I get so excited about going and choosing pumpkins and sitting down with family to carve one it really releases my inner child. 

This year me and my boyfriend carved pumpkins together and it was allot of fun even though I am rubbish at it and my pumpkin turned out terrible haha, but it's not about having the most attractive pumpkin its the taking part that counts

This was our set up the first step of any good pumpkin carving session is to first get your cutting utensils and a bowl or bin to put all the pumpkin guts in.

As soon is I cut into the Pumpkin it releases that strong smell that immediately reminds me of my childhood! The hardest part is trying to get all the guts out

And this is what out Pumpkins turned out like I decided to just go for a pretty traditional Pumpkin face and so did my boyfriend, this was the first time he had carved a Pumpkin so I was hoping that I was going to do a better job seen as I had about 20 years of experience. But no. His turned out much better than mine. Mine is the one on the right, it looks like a bit of a disaster but that is the best I could do. And my boyfriends is the one on the left which looks adorable.

They always look so much cooler once you have put the light inside, it improved the look of mine a little bit my boyfriend's is still a million times better haha!

I had so much fun carving Pumpkins, it is something I love to do every year!
I hope you all had a great Halloween, let me know if you carved a Pumpkin and what you carved on it! I would love to know if you do something creative or if you are not that great at carving Pumpkins like me and just stick to basic traditional faces!

I love you all and I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My first Pumpkin patch experience!

Aaaaaaahhhh It's been nearly 3 months since my last blog post! I'm very sorry but I wanted to take a break as I was focusing more on my YouTube and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my blog but I have really missed it! So I am going to try to blog more often.

I am so excited and happy that we are in Autumn, Autumn and Winter are my favourite months! On Sunday I went to a Pumpkin patch for the first time and it was alot of fun! It wasn't quite how I expected it to be I thought it would be a big field full of pumpkins that you can pick yourself but the one I went to wasn't like this, but it was still fun! I went with my boyfriend, my mum ad my little brother, we watched a little play in the woods, and some scary man screamed in my ear, I nearly crapped myself.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Make your dreams happen!

Hello lovelies!
So I was recently contacted by a lovely girl called Ami, and she asked me if I would be interested in joining her team and becoming a distributor for beauty products and starting my own business! I was very intrigued to learn more so I done all my research and signed up! I was so excited! 

As you may or not know I suffer with anxiety so I am currently out of work trying to find a job that can fit my needs and can revolve around my mental health issues. And that can be very hard to do, so I have always dreamed of working from home and being my own boss and starting my own business! And I think it is so important to follow your dreams and do what YOU want to do in life not what other people say you should be doing!

So I only started a couple of weeks ago and I am already making money, I am so happy and so glad I started, It has really helped with my depression because it has given me a purpose and something to focus on and something to work towards and I am so excited to see where it takes me in life! 

I will leave a link to my Facebook group where I sell all of these amazing products, if you are interested in taking a look!

If any of you are interested in joining then I would be happy to sign you up as part of my team!

-  There are no start up costs or kits you have to buy ( a lot of people that have contacted me about this type of thing in the past tell me that you have to pay like £90 when you join or something, and if you are in a position like me then you cant really afford that) So basically you have nothing to lose if you give it a try, but everything to gain!!

-  You do have to be 18 or over

- You can work around you/your family and work life!

- Theres no ties, and all of your profit is your own!

So if you would like to get more information please don't hesitate to add me on Facebook and I can help you with any questions you have, if you are interested in starting your own business in beauty as well, or just want to earn a little bit of extra money! I cant recommend it enough ♥

Thankyou so much for reading

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Romantic weekend getaway!

Me and my boyfriend went on a little weekend getaway to Worthing and Brighton last month, it was a very last minute decision, we literally decided the day before we left. We had both been very stressed so we thought it would be nice to getaway and have a little break for a couple of days!

It was alot of fun, and I even vlogged it, which you can watch here if you want!

So these are some of the pictures I took from our little holiday!!

Let me know in the comments if you have been anywhere nice recently or have a holiday planned soon!

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Do Ebay/Amazon makeup brushes really work?!

Do you have to spend £20 per makeup brush to get good quality?

Personally, I say no you don't! I'm sure in most cases you get what you pay for and if you spend £1 on a makeup brush compared to £20 on a makeup brush the more expensive one would usually be better quality, but if you don't have the budget for that (like me) then there are so many great cheaper alternatives. Ones that I have discovered that I absolutely love are these brushes from eBay and Amazon.

I think I paid around £5 for this 10 piece makeup brush set, Which is a bargain! I looked an eBay and I found ones identical to the ones I bought.

Ebay 10 piece makeup brush set

I think I paid around £1 something for these 4 eye shadow brushes from Amazon!

4 piece eye shadow brush set

I use these makeup brushes pretty much everyday and they work perfect, I do have slightly more expensive makeup brushes aswell but I still use these ones pretty much every day, and have had these for probably about a year and a half to 2 years now, and they are still in perfect condition!

So if you don't have the budget for more expensive makeup brushes then I would definitely recommend these, they honestly work amazing!

Let me know if you have tried Amazon or Ebay makeup brushes and what you think of them?

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

20th Birthday!

My birthday was last week on the 19th July, and I turned 20! *crying face* I am sad about no longer being a teenager, but I'm sure being in your 20's is cool, I just feel so old now!

My boyfriend stayed round my house on the night before my birthday, then when we woke up on my birthday and me, my boyfriend and my mum went for brunch in a nice little local cafe

Then we came home and relaxed in the sun, we put up a swimming pool outside my house and we sat in that for a while to cool down because it was sooo hot!!

My grandma then came round and I opened some presents from my family and blew out the candles on my cake ♥

I got some lovely presents from my family :)

Then we had a bbq, we thought we should make the most of the hot weather and a bbq is always a good choice when its hot

Then for the rest of the day it was just very chilled and relaxed!

On the sunday just gone we decided to go to brighton for the day to celebrate my birthday more, it was me, my mum, my boyfriend and my brother. We drove there in the morning and spent the day relazing in the sun, going on some rides, chilling on the beach, and drinking the tastiest milkshake ever!! It was alot of fun, and I vlogged it if you would like to have a watch of that :)

I had a lovely birthday spending time with my family, and I am hoping being 20 will be alot of fun :)

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx