Thursday, 28 April 2016

Top 4 foundations for dry skin!

Hello you lovely bunch!
Today I am going to be writing something that is always so helpful and useful
for me and definitely helped me when I was choosing which foundations to buy.
I suffer with very dry skin so when I wear foundations
it can look very dry, dull flaky and just overall gross!
So it puts me off wearing foundation completely, however I have found a few foundations
that I love and that I think work great for my very dry skin!
I have chosen my top 4, these are in no particular order and I hope you find this helpful! :)

Monday, 25 April 2016

What's in Aprils Glossy box?

Hello again lovelies!

So the other day I received April's Glossy box so I am going to be showing you some pictures and telling you what was inside and my first impressions of the products!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Body shop product review

Hello again lovelies!
So you may or may not know but recently I posted a body shop haul on my blog (Click here if you want to have a read of that :)
And I thought I would test the products out for a while then let you know what I think of them!
So that is what I am doing today!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring beauty essentials!

Hello lovelies!!
So today I am going to be showing you some beauty products that are my essentials for spring time!
Hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments if you have tried these products, or what your spring beauty essentials are!
I use the word Spring alot in this post! ha ha!

So the first beauty product that is my spring essential, is this makeup palette by w7! I have talked about these eyeshadow palettes so many times now, you are probably tired of hearing about them! But I love them. This palette is the "In the nude" palette and it is perfect for spring because it has some really pretty pink tone colours which I wear all the time throughout spring because when I think of spring i think of fresh, pretty pinks, so this palette is perfect to create the everyday spring look! (just realised how many times i said Spring. Spring, Spring, Spring!)

My next Spring essential are these blushes. I couldn't pick one so i just decided to put both in because I like them both and think they are both pretty pink spring blushes! 

The blusher on the left is the "Borjois healthy mix" blusher in the shade 41.
This is a peach tone blusher, they are both very peachy but this one is slightly more orangy with a slight gold undertone. It's not very pigmented though so you have to swirl your brush in it for quite a while to get some colour on it, but it is a very pretty colour!

The blusher on the right is the MUA blusher in the shade lolly. This colour is also quite a peachy blusher however it has a slightly more pink undertone than the other blusher. This blusher is VERY pigmented so you honesty only need to touch it the tiniest a bit and you will get alot on the brush!

Next up is lipsticks! I think Spring is the time to ditch the dark bold lipstick colours (sad face) and start reaching for the more nudes and pinks. I haven't really tried any high end lipsticks before but some of my favourite drugstore lipsticks I have tried are the Rimmel Kate moss ones! I love them! 
The one in the picture above is in the colour 05, its a perfect pink colour for Spring, it is quite a bright pink, which is a bit daring for me but not too bright its just a bit brighter than my normal nude colours. 

I then have a couple of other Rimmel Kate moss lippies that I also love, these are more nude/neutral colours. The one on the left is in the shade 19 which is slightly more pink than the one on the right. The one on the right is in the shade 08, this colour is one that I wear all year round, I absolutely love it!! 08 is more of a nude colour and doesn't really have pink undertones its more of a brown undertone colour. 
I absolutely love these lipsticks and for only £5-6 you cant go wrong!

Next up is more lip products. On the left is the born lippy lip balm by body shop, in the flavour strawberry ( which can I just say smells and tastes delicious, it doesn't last long on my lips because I just lick it off ha ha) I added this into my spring essentials just because I feel lip balm is an essential all year round and this one has such a sweet fruity scent that it is perfect for spring/summer. And when you apply it it makes your lips glossy and gives them a slight pink tint which is so pretty and perfect for a natural everyday spring look!

The product on the right is a lip butter by collection. its in the shade 3 vintage rose. This is such a pretty pinky peach colour, its slightly more sheer than lipsticks but more pigmented than a lip balm and as well as giving you a pretty colour it softens and moisturises your lips at the same time so its perfect really!

The final makeup items that I included were nail varnishes! I think my nail colours go through a huge change from winter to spring, I absolutely love my dark colours, my red, my purples, my blacks, I just love a good dark nail colour, but I don't feel that that is really right for spring so I hide away all of them colours and bring out the more bright pastel colours! These are some of the ones I'm loving! I looove the Barry M nail varnishes so much, they have such a huuge variety of colours to choose from, I've just picked a few that I love for spring!

 The colour on the left is a really pretty pastel blue, it is in the shade 306 blueberry. The colour in the middle is from the gelly hi shine range and this one is a pretty pastel peach colour, i love this colour so much, its in the shade papaya. Then finally the colour on the right is a gorgeous pastel green/turquoise minty colour, this one is in the shade 304 mint green.

All of these shades I love and are all perfect for spring time! I would definitely recommend giving these a try!

 Then I didn't want to just add all Barry M nail varnishes because I also love these ones so much! The colour on the left is a new purchase and its by models own, its such a beautiful pastel lilac colour, its in the shade lilac dream! honestly this colour is so pretty, I'm in love with it.
Then the colour on the right is by MUA these nail varnishes are only £1 and they have some really pretty colours so if you are on a lower budget I would definitely recommend these! This one is in the color strawberry crush, and this is a beautiful pastel pink! 

So that is everything in my spring beauty essentials!
I really hoped you enjoyed this post!
Let me know if any of these are your essentials and if not what is and if you would like to try any of these products!

I hope you have an amazing day!
Thankyou so much for reading!

Megan Rose ♥

Friday, 15 April 2016

Love yourself! ♥

Hello again lovelies!! ♥

Ok so this is a bit more of a deep and personal post, and I have been quite nervous to post it, but I hope it inspires and helps atleast one of you! Just remember you are beautiful, incredible and amazing and never ever ever forget that!

Monday, 11 April 2016


Hello again you lovely people!!
I'm going to do a FOTD (face of the day, if you weren't sure what that meant) and show you what I was wearing on my face in the pictures below, I wore this makeup while filming my "Whats in my travel makeup bag" on YouTube. I went for a neutral smokey eye and a dark berry lip!
Hope you enjoy ♥

Friday, 8 April 2016

Fun day out at Bushy park

Hey guys!
Its Friday, woop woop!!
So I went to Bushy park, which is a huuuge park in England/London, with lakes, massive fields, and deers, I went a few weekends ago with my boyfriend and it was really fun so I thought I would share some pictures i took. I also vlogged it so it would really mean alot if you could go and have a watch of that video, and give it a thumbs up and subscribe ♥

Bushy Park Vlog

Thankyou for reading, it would mean sooo much to me if you could follow my blog, if you like reading my posts! :)

I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing weekend!!

Love Megan Rose ♥

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mini body shop haul!

So I was on holiday recently and I went to a shopping centre that has loads of outlet stores (which I had never heard of before, but they are jut normal shops but they sell stuff cheaper than usual) So I thought I would have a look in the body shop, and I bought a few bits, so I am going to show you what I bought :)

I have never bought any makeup or anything from the body shop before I think the only thing I have ever bought from there was like a body moisturiser and maybe a face moisturiser, and because the stuff was alot cheaper than normal I thought I would just grab a few bits.

I'm not quite sure how much each thing cost me because they were discounted and then when you bought 1,2,3 or 4 items they were discounted even more, but altogether I spent £14 which I thought was sooo good!!

So the first thing I picked up was this clear lash and brow gel. I have wanted a clear brow gel for ages but have just never got round to buying one so I thought I would give this one a try. Let me know if you would like a review and I will be happy to do that, but I haven't yet tried this out!

Then I picked up a mascara. My mascara is running low and I have heard some good things about body shop mascaras so I thought I would see for myself and see if I like it. This is the body shop big and curvy mascara in black 01.

I have heard loads of good things about these lip balms and I have wanted to try these for ages! So the first one I picked up was this strawberry one, and I can tell you it smells delicious and I have used it a few times but like I said let me know if you would like a review.

 And then I went to the till to pay and the lady informed me that I could get another one of these lip balms for an extra 10p!! So of course I had to!
So I picked up the watermelon flavour one because I absolutely love the smell of artificial watermelon things so I had to try it. And I can also say that this smells AMAZING!!

And that is everything I picked up from the body shop! I am so excited to try these and use them and was so happy that it was only £14!!

Let me know if you would like a review on any of these products and if you have tried any of these and what you thought, let me know in the comments.

Thankyou so much for reading, be sure to follow my blog if you enjoy my posts :)

I hope you have an amazing day!!

Love Megan Rose ♥