Thursday, 28 July 2016

Do Ebay/Amazon makeup brushes really work?!

Do you have to spend £20 per makeup brush to get good quality?

Personally, I say no you don't! I'm sure in most cases you get what you pay for and if you spend £1 on a makeup brush compared to £20 on a makeup brush the more expensive one would usually be better quality, but if you don't have the budget for that (like me) then there are so many great cheaper alternatives. Ones that I have discovered that I absolutely love are these brushes from eBay and Amazon.

I think I paid around £5 for this 10 piece makeup brush set, Which is a bargain! I looked an eBay and I found ones identical to the ones I bought.

Ebay 10 piece makeup brush set

I think I paid around £1 something for these 4 eye shadow brushes from Amazon!

4 piece eye shadow brush set

I use these makeup brushes pretty much everyday and they work perfect, I do have slightly more expensive makeup brushes aswell but I still use these ones pretty much every day, and have had these for probably about a year and a half to 2 years now, and they are still in perfect condition!

So if you don't have the budget for more expensive makeup brushes then I would definitely recommend these, they honestly work amazing!

Let me know if you have tried Amazon or Ebay makeup brushes and what you think of them?

I hope you have an amazing day ♥

Love Megan xx